Summer Safety Tips for Kids

Summer is such a fun time for kids, all the bike rides and pool parties! But children get hurt more during the summer than any other season, so here are some tips for keeping your kids safe and uninjured.

Kids playing outside in the summer

Be sure to spray your children with bug spray if they’re going to play outdoors. Mosquitos are very active during the early morning and early evenings so it might be best to keep kids indoors at those times. Some parents fear the chemicals, like DEET, in bug spray so there are some more natural bug sprays including picaridin or oil of lemon eucalyptus that can protect from bug bites.

Kid summer clothes

It’s a good idea to have your kids play in light coloured clothes because it will be easier to search for ticks on them before they come inside. Ticks are common in grassy and wooded areas, but it is possible for your children to get one playing in the backyard, so use bug spray and check for ticks when they’re done playing. Here’s some helpful information if you need to remove a tick.

Using poison ivy to protecting your children

Poison Ivy is also a concern in the summer. Show your children pictures of the plant and explain that they should avoid touching the plant because it could harm them. And if they do come in contact with the poisonous plant, most cases of it can be treated at home with ointments, oatmeal baths, and cold water.

Sun safety tips

Sunscreen is another crucial step for children before they play outside. Kids should wear sunscreen all the time outdoors, even if they are wearing clothes. Try using a tear-free formula on their face or have them wear a hat, and the sprays can make sunscreen a lot quicker to apply to squirmy children.

Summer escape pool instructions

Pool safety for children means only swimming while an adult is watching, and your children should take swimming lessons if they’re going to be around pools or visiting the beach.

Playground Safety Injuries

Playground injuries are prevalent for children but can be prevented with a few steps. Check to see that the surfaces are not too hot and that any ropes or swinging materials are secure. Playgrounds should be surrounded by a softer material like rubber or mulch so that if a child falls, they won’t have as bad as an impact as they would on grass or asphalt.

Take a helmet for summer safety for kids

Kids need to wear helmets when riding a bike or scooter, rollerblading, or skateboarding. If they are on wheels, they need a helmet.

You must be aware of signs of dehydration in kids

Dehydration and overheating are common in active kids during the summer. Make sure to give your kids drink water and sit in the shade on hot days.

Being outdoors is one of the best parts of summer, so make sure you and your family enjoy it and take the proper precautions!

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